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When help is not necessarily required

As you may know, it is important not to overdo in care about your neighbors.

Sasha P. was the second child in a family of people moved from anti-terrorist operation warzone. 2014-th year brought to him: the birth of a younger sister, moving to Kyiv, graduation from 1-st class of secondary school.
On 1-st of September 30 young people in age between 6 to 8 years have attended secondary school in 1-a class. Children got an experienced, calm, kind and housewifely teacher. Because of her efforts, as well as expenses parents, that a classroom was brought into the best condition for young students. Everything was needed for studying has been purchased regularly, as well as parents money which was allocated for holidays celebration.

In addition to 28 children from families what are living in Kyiv and close to it two young people came to class as they moved from the eastern Ukraine. One of them was mentioned above. After the first parents' meeting at school Sasha's mother tearfully told a sad story of their replacement to the teacher, as well as about their family living in cramped conditions with three children. However, in order to obtain financial aid, she was offered to register it's according to the law, she flatly refused with words of fear:
- What do you mean?
They will take my husband to the army!
The teacher has passed not a patriotic reply on experienced fears and stress. The kind teacher asked parents' committee for financial support to this family. The committee has jointly paid all the costs of Sasha P. studying. From that day Sasha has enjoyed all the benefits of a free school, received gifts, and his parents did not participated in this. Generally they had little interest in Sasha's life at school. They led in the morning to school, and took away after the end of activities in the group of an extended day in the evening. They were too busy even to have a talk with a teacher. Sometimes this child was brought to school in spite of the fact that he was sick.
However, by the end of the second quarter classmates’ parents have started to ask about him more often. Almost everyone knew Sasha P. The reason for this kind of popularity wasn't the attractive appearance, academic achievements or games with friends. Alas. Sasha has become "famous" because of his "acts of bravery". He fought with classmates almost every day, took something from some of them.
He tried to do it behind teacher’s back or when she was absent. And then, he was consistently denying his involvement or blamed others in it.
The teacher believed him. She felt sorry for this child who survived so much at so young age.
She told to Sasha's parents classmates that they should be more tolerant to him.
Children have begun to keep away from contacts with Sasha, trying to avoid possible conflicts. Someone tried to defend against him. However, a complete impunity inspired him to do even more.
He was waiting for the moment when teacher would go out from the classroom to start a next fight with classmates. The teacher was shocked when she was reported that Sasha beat one of classmates in the toilet. Even blood of his classmate have not stopped it. The next victim was a classmate who Sasha couldn't take away something. He almost scratched the eyes of that girl. In another case, he almost tored the mouth because a classmate was trying to make a joke about him.
After these cases Sasha became a regular guest in director and the head of studies rooms. His parents have continued to be very busy so that they didn't attend parent-teacher meetings.
By the end of the second quarter at the parents’ meeting classmates parents raised the question about the appropriateness of learning an aggressive child in a large class. Many of children were afraid to go to school. Some parents offered to resolve the issue with assistance of law enforcement and child custody, and even physicians. The question remains open as Sasha’s parents ignored the meeting. He continues his studying in the class. Before the Christmas party, he asked for forgiveness from all those present classmates.
His behaviour is still far from ideal.
The question is: maybe the excessive mercy shown to him was the cause of these problems? Maybe, we shouldn't spend money on sponsoring a child whose parents do not pay enough attention to their child?
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